Action to Fight for Our Healthcare!


WHAT: A rally/press conference in front of Congresswoman Tenney’s office

WHERE: 555 French Rd, New Hartford

WHEN: Monday, April 10th at 4 PM

WHO: Citizen Action of New York, SEIU 1199, Central NY Citizens in Action, Inc.

WHY: The American Healthcare Act is back! The revived measure, known informally on Capitol Hill as Zombie Trumpcare, attempt to take away more items from the Affordable Care Act, on top of all the bad things that the original legislation proposed. To quote the Greater NY Hospital Association, “Congress is negotiating a bad bill to make it worse”. They want to gut the “Essential Benefits” that insurers are required to provide in their insurance products. Eliminating these benefits will make the Affordable Care Act ineffective towards its goals of getting people health insurance and providing the necessary care.

We will send a message to Congresswoman Tenney – WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT! Don’t touch our healthcare!

Hope to see you all on Monday (where the temperature is supposed to be 70 degrees!)

Questions:   (315) 725-0974,

Please park in the far reaches of the Home Depot lot where you can walk over the grass to 555 French Rd. Please do not park in the lot behind the building at 555 French Road. Please stand in the 4 foot “free speech” zone near the road, Please bring signs. There is a flat area at the corner at French Road where folks can picket. You cannot picket in the parking lot. Do not take signs into the office. Stay out of the road. The area between the curb and four feet in is considered to be a free speech area (public property).

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